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Brand Values

New Era is not about conformity. It’s about personalization, true customization that offers literally billions of styles and sizes and looks. We don’t push our philosophy on you. We don’t require you to get inspired or seize the day. We don’t dictate. We encourage you to be you. We marvel at the maverick. And revel in the rebel.


We don't make caps; we make a statement. A statement of affinity to a team, or a place, or a style, or a statement of our own uniqueness. We believe in self-expression. We believe in empowering the individual. We inspire people to make the most powerful statement they can. We make six billion ways to say, “This is who I am.”


In 1935 we signed our first Major League Baseball™ license. Now we’re the official on-field cap of Major League Baseball. We’ve been in business since 1920. And from then ’til now we’ve known who we are, where we come from and where we are going. We remain true to ourselves and our beliefs and are embraced by the athletes, artists and people who share the same values.


We’re a family company and we take pride in our family, the quality of the products we’ve created and the results we’ve achieved. We do the right thing. Even when the right thing is the tough thing. That’s how we’ve earned the trust of our partners and our customers. And we’ll work for the next 90 years to keep it that way.

We are the canvas that others paint on. We’ve partnered with some of the greatest leagues, teams, artists and brands in the world to make their headwear and apparel sing. We love watching great teams. We love being a part of great teams. And we know that when you put the right people in the right place, magic can happen.