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Brand Values

New Era is not about conformity. It’s about personalization, true customization that offers literally billions of styles and sizes and looks. We don’t push our philosophy on you. We don’t require you to get inspired or seize the day. We don’t dictate. We encourage you to be you. We marvel at the maverick. And revel in the rebel.


New Era’s authenticity is undeniable. Deeply rooted in sport and street culture, New Era product is the real deal, the original, the best. Authenticity is at the heart of what we are and authenticity will always be a crucial ingredient in everything we do.


New Era has always been at the forefront of innovation and progressive thinking. A pioneering attitude and a philosophy of breaking the mold inspires us as much today as it has in the past.


New Era’s maverick approach has seen it create some of the most disruptive moments in American Street Culture history (picture Spike Lee’s NE red Yankees cap). Our disruptive spirit and desire to challenge the norm is as strong today as it ever was.