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Frequently Asked Questions regarding New Era Cap Co., Inc.’s Merger to New Era Cap, LLC



When will this change be effective?


Effective December 29, 2021, New Era Cap Co., Inc. will merge into New Era Cap, LLC by operation of law. 


Why did New Era change its name?


This merger into a limited liability company will allow New Era to consolidate its global portfolio of many entities into one unified corporate entity structure. This is part of a multi-year effort to bring better alignment and simplification amongst its various affiliates and reflects the ongoing global expansion of the New Era brand across multiple markets. 


Has ownership of New Era changed?


The business operations of New Era, its management, and its current majority ownership will be materially unchanged with all existing controlling owners and management remaining the same.


How will this affect the business operations of New Era?


The business operations of New Era will not be affected by New Era’s name change. We anticipate this transition will be seamless for our licensors, customers, vendors, and all business partners.


Does the new name have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?


In substance, no. All legal agreements that your company has historically and currently with New Era Cap Co., Inc. will now be with New Era Cap, LLC via the merger. New Era Cap, LLC will assume all rights, liabilities, and obligations under those Agreement(s). Although the contracting party will change from New Era Cap Co., Inc. to New Era Cap, LLC, all other contractual obligations of the legal Agreement(s) to which your company is a party will remain the same.


Does the new name mean new banking details?


Not right now. New Era’s banking details remain unchanged, but if we change our banking account information, we will send you a separate notice which you can share with the appropriate department responsible for your financials.


Will New Era have a new Federal EIN?


No, New Era Cap, LLC will have the same tax-id number as previously held by New Era Cap Co., Inc.


Do we need to update New Era’s W-9?


Because New Era Cap, LLC will keep New Era Cap Co., Inc.’s Federal EIN, a new W-9 is not necessary. If your company would like to request an updated W-9 with our new name, you can do so by emailing


What company should we now invoice? 


Beginning January 1, 2022, all new invoices should be addressed to New Era Cap, LLC, even if the order was placed under New Era Cap Co., Inc.


Has or will the address change?  


No, the address will remain 160 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202


Will New Era employees have new e-mail addresses once the name change is effective?  


No, our domain name has not changed. You can still reach your business contact at New Era the same way (


Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?  


For any other questions you might have about New Era Cap, LLC, you can reach out by phone or email:


Toll-free: 855-345-3784

International: 949-431-6027